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Dr. Smriti Koodanjeri

My name is Smriti and I have been a lifelong student and teacher. My goal in life is to help others be their best fearless self. With an undergraduate degree in chemistry, a Masters in Analytical and Medicinal chemistry and a PhD in Organic Chemistry, I have done a lot of learning my self. Following all this learning, I became a teacher and for the last twenty five years nurtured hundreds of students to success not only academically but also as human beings. Today I am a certified academic and professional life coach and have been helping young adults in that capacity for the last ten years.

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What can I offer?

If you are looking to lead your best life without fear and limiting beliefs I can help you recognize what that life could be and how you can reach it. I am especially good with young adults in understanding their changing needs. Most in this group are students or newly minted adults open to learning, adapting and doing their best. Within coaching; academics and time management are my forte. If you or your child are looking to do better and are curious about what I have to offer, please consider a one hour free consultation which can be arranged in person or over the phone.


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